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KL Eco City

Teeth straightening with invisible braces.

WeWork Mercu 2, Level 40,
No. 3 Jalan Bangsar, KL ECO CITY, 59200, Kuala Lumpur.

RM150 Free

Get started with become by visiting our becomeStudio™ for a quick and easy scan!

We’ll explain the whole treatment process, take a 3D scan of your teeth and send it to our orthodontists for treatment planning.

What is a becomeStudio™?

Watch this video to learn what a visit to becomeStudio™ looks like for you. 45 minutes is all it takes to get started on your teeth-straightening journey. Completely free scan & consultations, with no hidden fees!

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Here's what to expect.​

Smile Companions
explain the treatment process.

Get an instant 3D
scan of your teeth.

And a simulation of
your new smile.

How do I get to becomeStudio™?

Full Address

WeWork Mercu 2, Level 40, No. 3 Jalan Bangsar, KL ECO CITY, 59200 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Important notes:

  • Please allocate 45 minutes for this scan
  • Head to the Mercu 2 building in KL Eco City
  • Register at the security counter at the lobby and tell them you are heading to WeWork, Level 40
  • Take the lift to Level 40 and enter WeWork
  • Go to the reception and tell them you have an appointment at become
  • Wait for a Smile Companion to guide you to our studio and you are all set!

We do not entertain walk-ins.

What happens after?

  1. We send the 3D imaging of your teeth to our orthodontists.
  2. Our orthodontists analyse your scan image and design your treatment plan.
  3. We email the treatment plan to you, complete with a simulation of your after-treatment smile.
  4. You order your customised invisible braces if you love the treatment plan!

Terms and Conditions

  • Your scan will not be carried out by a dentist. This is not a medical consultation.
    This is a 20-minute scanning session to get 3D visuals of your teeth. The images will be sent to our orthodontists for full analysis and treatment design.
  • If you had chosen to purchase invisible braces upfront after the scan, you will be eligible for a full refund if you are not satisfied with the eventual treatment plan.