Teeth straightening with invisible braces.

A-1-5, Sunway Nexis, No 1, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

RM150 Free

Get started with become by visiting our becomeStudio™ for a quick and easy scan!

We’ll explain the whole process, take a 3D scan of your teeth and send it to our partner dentists to create your smile simulation.

What is a becomeStudio™?

Watch this video to learn what a visit to becomeStudio™ looks like for you. 45 minutes is all it takes to get started on your teeth-straightening journey. Completely free scan & follow-ups, with no hidden fees!

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Here's what to expect.​

Smile Companions
explain the process.

Get an instant 3D
scan of your teeth.

And a simulation of
your new smile.

How do I get to becomeStudio™?

Full Address

A-1-5, Sunway Nexis, No 1, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Important notes:

  • Please allocate 30 minutes for this scan
  • Exact directions will be SMSed to you, but here is an overview:
    • Head to the 1st floor in Sunway Nexis
    • Go inside to the reception and tell them you have an appointment at become
    • Wait for a Smile Companion to guide you to our studio and you are all set!

We do not entertain walk-ins.

What happens after?

  1. We send the 3D imaging of your teeth to our partner dentists.
  2. Our partner dentists analyse your scan image and design your smile makeover plan.
  3. We email the smile makeover plan to you, complete with a simulation of your after-become smile.
  4. You order your customised invisible braces if you love the smile makeover plan!

What others say.

Adelyn Teoh May Yen Teoh
Read More
I find the technology of the 3D scans extremely impressive. Understand that orthodontists aren’t required in the business model prior to smile makeover design, however personally, it would be more assuring to have professional views. Other than that, all is well and customer service is top notch. Will only be able to confidently recommend it to peers upon seeing the final result of using the aligners. Cheers!
Fong Lee Yee
Read More
Become is the second invisible braces brand I approached after the first one rejected me by checking on the photos I sent them. That's why I think Become's idea of preview smile simulation prior to working on teeth is very caring for the users. As well as the customer support app is very convenient for those having difficulties to attend the studio, it's just a very sweet move.
Clarissa Chan
Read More
Staff were friendly, efficient, hygienic and helpful! They explained each step and procedure in detail as they were performing the scan to make sure I understood what they were doing. For someone who is afraid of the dentists, there was no pain at all during the scans and it all happened in less than 30 minutes! Loved every moment of it!
Sukun Wong
Read More
The smile companion has been very professional and totally exceeds my expectations. can't wait for the results so i can proceed immediately
Havchandni Kaur
Read More
Made me relax and gave me some positive hopes!
Lim Shue Hui
Read More
The technology is good, the person in charge is professional and we'll informed, I'm confident if I continue my teeth straightening I'll be able to have the teeth I want. It is only the matter of pricing I'm considering.
Tan Lip Yong
Read More
The scan is simple and informative, it is good
Jonathan Hiew
Read More
The person who attended to me was very friendly and helpful to answering my questions. He was also patient to getting an accurate scanning. A great experience! 🙂
Valerie Tiang
Read More
The scan guy is a very patience and friendly person that explain everything to me regarding the scan. He gave me advices on what I should do next after the scan. He has done a great job!
Khalida Kamaludin
Read More
Amazing technology, really fascinating to experience. You guys should show the scanning procedure online, I didn't realise how precise it was going to be! Ryan was really professional as well, and had a lot of knowledge despite not being a doctor (he pointed out exactly what I was unhappy with aesthetically about my teeth, and I've been to 'orthodontists' who don't put in as much care.)
Wai Mun Lim
Read More
The service is good. Good and detailed explanation on what they are going to conduct, how many days I will need to wait, and also what are the concerns.
Omar Lagui
Read More
The service was excellent! The staff were friendly through out the session. Highly recommended to everyone. Book your appointment now! A new smile, a new you with become.
606 Defender Of Justice
Read More
Great service and wonderful experience! The scan was painless and the smile consultant was very reassuring and helpful in explaining the procedure and carrying out the scan professionally. Looking forward to seeing my smile makeover plan and future smile 😀
analaine magbanua
Read More
The best team to go to for Invisible aligners! Cool scan location, very professional team! Don't get left out with your hidden smiles. Go to Become and they will surely bring your confidence back! thank you for taking care of me during my visit!
Ratna English
Read More
As a mother of small young kids , it made it easier; when the scan can be done at your home . The technician that came was professional and especially during this time hygiene was maintained. I am happy with the process.
Syin Wong
Read More
Did the 3d scanning and surprisingly it was fast. All the details of aligners are well explained after the scanning process. I'm looking forward for the treatment plan.
Linda Md Said
Read More
Looking forward to getting my aligners! The whole scan experience was such a pleasant surprise! Was expecting almost like a dentist visit but it was quick, painless and so so cool & futuristic! Their office space is so relaxing... My smile companion even made green tea for me.
Read More
It was an amazing experience with friendly staffs. Can't wait to get the brace😊 Thank you very much!

Terms and Conditions

  • Your scan will not be carried out by a dentist. This is not a medical consultation.
    This is a 20-minute scanning session to get 3D visuals of your teeth. The images will be sent to our partner dentists for full analysis and smile makeover design.
  • If you had chosen to purchase invisible braces upfront after the scan, you will be eligible for a full refund if you are not satisfied with the eventual smile makeover plan.