Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have the perfect Hollywood smile?

Oh to be able to smile freely without feeling insecure about our teeth...

Smile insecurity is real. You might be able to relate to these...

Holding back smiles as soon as you realize you’re showing your teeth.

Speaking in front of the crowd is one of the scariest things ever.

Wanting to look amazing, wearing dazzling smiles at your wedding.

Thinking you could do better on making first impressions.

Dreaming of what you could’ve achieved if only your teeth were straight.

Looking for a way to take charge and make a positive change in your life?

You need a perfect smile!

Why is it important to have a healthy smile?


 Smile more, stress less


Increase your attractiveness


Boost your immune system


Improve your overall health


Exude confidence & vitality

Having discoloured teeth, uneven smile or missing teeth can greatly affect your self-confidence.

You know you have it inside of you.

Deep down, you know you look good. You know you could be MORE.

With become invisible braces, you can MANIFEST who you actually are.

You are a confident, self-assured, and passionate person who exudes good vibes. 

You could even be a joker who isn’t afraid to let go a little.

Think about it – you might actually like attention, and getting applause, except that now you don’t want people to notice your less-than-perfect teeth.

You are actually a smiley person, and you love to laugh wholeheartedly, but you refrain from it. 

Reality check: Maybe you want to be an influencer, a singer, a fashion model but you don’t even do the things you like because you’re not proud of your smiles!


Yes, you need to pay for invisible braces (we’ll talk about it in detail later), but it’s a LIFELONG INVESTMENT in your smile that could take you further in life.

become invisible braces help you to become yourselves, your-real-selves, to unlock your potential and BECOME YOU.

become allows you to throw your head back when you laugh. No more holding back.

Now, take a look here.

The truth is, only a few people are blessed with perfect smiles.

We have had so many people coming to us saying that they can no longer endure the long-term burden of their insecurities, of not feeling comfortable with oneself. 

But gladly spaking, they are aware of the source of their overwhelming concerns:

How crappy or unsatisfying their teeth look!

And become is here to offer the most rewarding life-changing experience with invisible braces.

Why do people choose invisible braces?

It might not be their first time, but definitely the last time they had a teeth-straightening treatment done. Now, they are happier and more confident than ever.

Just why among so many other options, they opted to go with invisible braces?

The problem with fixed braces, especially metal braces, is that they are unattractive and distracting. For people who are trying to improve their appearance and confidence, having a ‘metal mouth’ look defeats the purpose. 

To most adults, metal braces are not an option. Whether you are greeting a prospective client or trying to impress a date, you don’t want their first impression of you to be your shiny metal braces. 

And the best thing it takes only 3-9 months to complete your treatment!

And did you know that wearing metal braces can disqualify you from certain jobs, such as flight attendant and TV host?


Parents, college students, musicians, entertainers, actors, athletes, entrepreneurs – basically almost everyone over the age of 18 can get become invisible braces.

A become smile makeover is not merely a smile transformation, but a life transformation.

“You’re gonna look hotter!”
“Whenever I see improvements, I just feel more confident to smile!”

Our favorite thing about seeing our customers’ results is hearing that their confidence has improved!

So, what are invisible braces?

And how do they sprinkle magic onto your smile?

Best price in the market

Premium quality
Swiss technology, FDA and SIRIM

Fuss-free treatment process

Fast results
Visible results in 3-9 months

Smile Guarantee
Personalised are all the way

How do they work?

It’s not magic, it’s science! Invisible braces are plastic trays that gradually shift your teeth into an ideal position. 

By wearing a series of invisible braces for 2 weeks at a time, your teeth move up to 0.3mm per set until ideal alignment is reached.

Did you know it only takes 6 months to complete treatment on average?!? And you usually start seeing results in 3 months!!

NOTE: Invisible braces are designed for minor to moderate teeth correction. By booking a scan with us, we can find out if you’re right for become.

Could you even tell that they are having invisible braces on?

It's totally transparent!

Take your first step here, for free.

1st: Book an appointment at our partner clinics.

2nd: We assess your teeth to customise your smile makeover.

Making health transformation you want takes so much more than just googling some free info.

What you need is  professional, authentic consultation with dentists.

Not yet decided? Continue reading 😇

You won't believe how easy it is to get your perfect smile journey started.

It begins in the comfort of your home


1. Book free appointment in 30 seconds

Find your nearest location and book a free 30-min long appointment with our partner dentist.


2. Get a 3D scan and carefree consultation with a dentist

Our partner dentist examines your teeth and gums then takes a completely painless 3D scan, there will be no emotional roller coaster of fear and anxiety like with other traditional dental visits.


3. Receive custom smile makeover plan

The smile makeover plan is free, with no obligation to purchase. See a complete 3D simulation of the transformation your teeth will go through. Take your time to review and approve the plan, ask as many questions as you wish to our partnered dentists, and let us know when you’ve made up your mind.


4. Wear your personalised invisible braces 22 hours a day

Receive all sets of invisible braces at the same time. No delays in your treatment, but make sure to wear it 22 hours a day for maximum effectiveness!


5. Stay connected with us

Remote check-ins with a dedicated partner dentist every 2 weeks, via our web application. No extra appointments and hectic schedules to get a follow-up with us. Just keep your phone by your side, just like we are always with you too!


D-day: Show off your new smile! 😁

Complete wearing all the invisible braces and show off your new perfect smile. Can’t wait to see how surprised people will be!


Every choice you make determines who you will become.

Did the corners of your lips curve up from seeing so many beautiful smiles?

Smiling really is contagious , in fact science has demonstrated that time and time again.

"But aren't invisible braces expensive?
I don't think I can afford it."

While it is true that invisible braces used to be much more expensive than traditional braces, the advances in 3D scanning and orthodontic technology have greatly brought down the costs of straightening crooked teeth.

Invisible braces, (a.k.a clear aligners) used to be only for the celebrities, upper class and high-income earners.

Luckily nowadays you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford a million-dollar smile!

become's pricing are designed for everyone!

We offer flexible options to fit your budget plan. Let’s kawtim on your most comfortable way of paying!

Check out our main two plans for the invisible braces:



RM 5,497

Monthly Plan


RM 5,964

They totally exceed your expectation right?!

Is that a look of relief we see on your face now?

We’re glad too! Now let us explain what exactly you are paying for and when.

Our pricing is as simple as our process!

And you only pay if you like the results preview.

What you see is everything we have for you, except for customer service.

Why? Because they come in the form of actions.

Breaking down your payment:

30 minutes appointment with 3D scan

Custom smile makeover plan

Purchase your invisible braces
RM5,497 or from RM266/month

Delivery of invisible braces to your door

Regular remote check-ins and support

After the payment, we will send you a personalised become box that stays with you throughout your smile transformation journey.

What will be in your become box?

Your custom invisible braces sets
Everything needed to straighten your teeth, in just one box.

Carrying case
We provide a carrying case to store your braces. Don’t be afraid to decorate it however you like, with stickers, glitters or paint markers!

Dental chewies
They provide a uniform force to seat the braces properly in your mouth.

Delivery fee? Non-existent. 😁

Now, why should you choose become?

become is a tech startup that leverages on teledentistry to make invisible braces treatments affordable.

become is certified by

MDA approved establishment licence


SIRIM certified GDPMD compliance

GDPMD 00415

Why become invisible braces?

75% more affordable compared to other options
Remote monitoring, direct delivery to your door; So convenient
High quality of personalised care and treatment

"I have so many concerns but I just can't decide."

Of all the people who were concerned about their smiles, only 40% of them took action.

It is not too late. But if not now, when? The sooner you begin, the sooner you can see (and feel) the difference.

Frequently Asked Question

You might have a couple of burning questions to ask. That’s alright, you may find the answers here.

become invisible braces

become invisible braces are made of a durable thermoplastic material that is engineered by Swiss technology to bring you comfortable, yet high-performing invisible braces. They are 100% BPA-free, FDA-approved, CE marked, and ISO-13485 certified.

Our qualified dentists will conduct an oral assessment to assess your eligibility for become invisible braces. They will advise you if you require any additional procedures before proceeding with your quick and painless 3D scan. Lastly, the dentist/nurse will take photographs of your teeth. The dentist may choose to do an x-ray, or you may request to do an x-ray, for a more comprehensive examination. However, this is not compulsory, and the x-ray cost will be borne by you.

No. become invisible braces are the most affordable in the market, being more than 50% cheaper than Invisalign. We eliminate any unnecessary markups of additional dental visits or scan costs while providing personalised care through remote monitoring at the comfort of your homes.

This would defer on a case-by-case basis. Usually, it would take about 3 months to see some progress. But by the 6th month, you will tend to see the peak of your progress.

Yes, it is. All of our partners at clinics perform regular cleaning and disinfection of equipment, disinfecting the surfaces, as well as increasing the ventilation and the frequency of our stringent cleaning policies. They will also check the temperature of all our customers before entering the clinic.

There's a lockdown and mandatory face-mask policy. If this isn't the best time to upgrade your look and confidence, when will it be?

The faster you start wearing them, the faster you can show off your smile to everyone!

Remember, there's no commitment to pay at first! Only pay when you've made up your mind.

Book Appointment NOW

You’ll make more than just a physical transformation.


We understand that every life changing experience must be well considered before implementing.

Reach out to us for more information before getting started, we will be more than happy to talk.