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Braces Cost In Malaysia: An Extensive Summary

There are many ways nowadays to make a beautiful smile affordable. Do your research well and find one that suits you!

Did you know that teeth irregularities have been recorded since 400BC by a physician in Greece called Hippocrates? So, it has been an interest in humans’ minds to correct teeth alignment for approximately more than 2000 years ago.

Teeth alignment is important for many reasons, such as:

  • To pronounce words correctly and speak well.
  • To chew food.
  • To maintain proper oral hygiene.
  • To look more attractive.

There have been many ways to align teeth and it has been progressing over the years. This is a list of the type of braces available in Malaysia as of now:

1. Conventional/metal braces

It is made of metal wires and metal brackets and colourful elastic bands on the outer surface of teeth. This particular system of braces is able to fix all sorts of teeth misalignment cases. (eg: overcrowding, deep bite, crossbite)

2. Damon Braces: 

This is made of metal wires and metal brackets but instead of colourful elastic, they have a slide-in mechanism for the brackets that do the job of the elastics and causes less friction to the teeth and protects the teeth in the long term. All sorts of cases of teeth misalignment can be treated by this system similar to conventional braces

3. Tooth-coloured/Ceramic Braces

This is specifically only for the brackets which give it the ‘invisible’ look. Metal wires are still present to hold the tooth-coloured brackets. It is present for both conventional or Damon braces. All sorts of teeth misalignment cases can be treated.

4. Lingual Braces

This system is made of metal wires and metal brackets too but on the inner surface of teeth, so it is hidden. All sorts of teeth misalignment cases can be treated similar to conventional braces

5. Invisalign/Invisible Braces

This is the new technology in braces system that utilizes technology to record your teeth arrangement and produce aligner trays to correct it. Only selected cases can be treated such as mild crowding or rotation limited to the upper and lower front
4-6 teeth.

6. Retainers:

Transparent trays to ensure teeth doesn’t move back to their original position.

Are braces expensive in Malaysia? 

Well, some may say it is expensive and some may say it is not. For the ones that can afford the prices, that’s good for you. And as for the ones who can’t afford it but still want to look good, there are cheaper options for you as well which are public clinics or public universities. The price depends on the type of braces and where you get them from.

Why are braces expensive in Malaysia?

  1. Expertise: The courses a doctor needs to take to study this course ranges from around RM20,000-RM500,000. The lower end of the range is only for a ‘Certificate’ in fixing braces whereas the higher end of that range is for a ‘Specialist’ title. It is not cheap to study this subject to give our patients the best.
  1. Materials and supplies: The materials used (eg: wire, brackets, elastics, tray, 3D equipment, moulds) are of the best quality to ensure correct movement of teeth occurs and to prevent relapse from occurring immediately. The charges cover the x-ray and the mould taken of your teeth.
  1. Time in braces: Braces to correct your teeth alignment is not just a one-day task. For some people, it may take a minimum of 1 and half years or even a maximum of 5 years depending on the severity of their teeth malalignment. And in the span of 1-5 years, extra charges are charged for several reasons i.e. when a patient loses the bracket, they will be charged to replace that bracket. Another instance where a patient may be charged extra is when they have to do scaling because they develop calculus around the teeth.
  1. Additional procedures: Before you get your braces installed, your oral hygiene has to be perfect. So if there is any cavity, it has to be filled. Scaling is always advised prior to braces placement. Impacted wisdom teeth are also normally advised to be removed to prevent any complications later in the treatment.

How much do braces cost in Malaysia?

Under this, we will cover the price ranges for the varying type of braces we have available in Malaysia.

Braces are available both in the Public Sector and in the Private Sector.

Note: These prices may or may not be inclusive of retainers.

Is there a monthly instalment cost of braces in Malaysia? How much does it cost a month?

Different clinics have different systems however the dentists normally allow the patients to pay in instalments. Most of the time, the total is divided by the number of times you would have to come in for a wire tightening or to change the tray (if you are using invisible braces).

So, based on the table above, say you choose to get yourself Damon Braces (costing about RM10,000) and your treatment duration is for 16 months, so each month when you come in for your check-ups, you would have to pay RM625. Some clinics may require a deposit at the beginning of the treatment to which you can discuss and agree.

Where to get your braces treatment in Malaysia?

When choosing which service to use, there are many factors you need to take into consideration before deciding. You have a variety of public clinics, private clinics and the upcoming way of doing dentistry – teledentistry to choose from. Here are a few of the components you should look into before deciding the best place to get your braces done.

So, are braces cheap in Malaysia?

With all consideration, braces prices in Malaysia are reasonable. The cost takes into account the dentists’ time during each of your appointments which is not only to manage the multiple issues you may come with (eg: broken wires) but also to educate you on how to take care of your oral hygiene.

If getting treated in a private clinic is too expensive for you, the teledentistry companies are offering quite good prices with monthly charges that are quite affordable for a beautiful smile. become is an upcoming teledentistry company in Malaysia providing clear aligners with monthly instalment plans. That is a killer deal to straighten your teeth just between 4-9 months depending on the severity of the misalignment. Public clinics are also a cheap option but the only limitation to that is you need to be registered before your 18th birthday.

If you insist on saving some money and don’t wanna wait in the long queue to get your braces on, we would suggest getting your scaling and filling done in the government clinic before the placement of your braces (procedures may differ due to Covid-19 times).

Or better still, take care of your oral hygiene from a young age!


There are many ways nowadays to make a beautiful smile affordable. Do your research well and find one that suits you!

Take Away Points

  • Teeth alignment is important for a beautiful smile and to boost confidence among many other reasons.
  • There are a variety of braces at your fingertips nowadays. Make your choice based on your budget, the available clinic nearby you, and always keep in mind wearing braces is a journey and needs commitment and discipline.
  • Please also be aware of ‘Fake Braces’ out there. Just because you would like a super cheap option to fix your teeth, don’t go to a non-professional. Your teeth and you are precious – take care of it!

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