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Hari Raya Food and Dental Braces Care Guide

The common food we consume during Hari Raya and whether it’s advisable for those who are getting their teeth straightened to indulge in them.

Just like any other festivals in Asia, Hari Raya Aidilfitri means hitting the pause button on your diet and indulging in mountains of goodies. The ban on balik kampung and open houses due to the pandemic this year won’t stop Malaysians from celebrating it with tonnes of goodies. Those who are getting their teeth straightened might be a little cautious and fear missing out on good food. 

Let’s discuss the common food we consume during Hari Raya and whether it’s advisable for those who are getting their teeth straightened to indulge in them.

Dodol, ketupat and lemang

These delicious treats are must-haves during Hari Raya and both are soft yet sticky in nature. They stick on the surface of your teeth longer, and are more difficult for saliva to break down. 

If you are wearing traditional braces, it’s best to avoid sticky food as they can cause wire damage and loosen the brackets. For those wearing invisible braces, brush your teeth and floss carefully before putting them back in.

Juices and carbonated drinks

Sugar-laden and acidic, they are really bad for teeth. Frequent exposure to acidic drinks can result in the erosion of tooth enamel.

These drinks can stain your invisible braces so remember to take them out before eating and drinking, then brush your teeth before putting them back in. Regardless of the type of braces you’re using, wait at least 30 minutes after drinking to brush your teeth as we don’t want to damage the enamel while it’s in its weakened state.

It is recommended to use a straw when drinking these types of beverages. It helps minimise the amount of time your teeth come into contact with acid.

Hard snacks and tough meat

Biting down on kerepek, nuts or seeds can potentially crack the enamel and dental fillings. It might cause wire damage and loosen brackets too, so it’s best to avoid these snacks altogether if you are wearing traditional braces. For those using invisible braces, use your hands or tools to crack open nuts and seeds, and clean your teeth thoroughly after eating. As for satay and beef rendang, if you think it’s impossible to avoid eating them altogether (of course it is!), carefully select the soft part of the meat before piling on your plate.

Chocolates, Raya cookies and cakes

These 3C’s are sugary treats, hence when we consume them the bad bacteria in our mouth feeds on the sugars, creating acids that attack our tooth enamel. Over time, it will cause caries and tooth decay. So this Hari Raya, opt for healthier options such as sugar free cookies and dark chocolates. Make it a point to rinse your mouth with water immediately after eating these sweets. If you are wearing traditional braces, remember to brush thoroughly to remove any remnants not just from your teeth, but from the wires, brackets and orthodontic adhesive as well. 

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