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How Healthtech Makes Invisible Braces Affordable for Youths

Teledentistry has made it possible for us to deliver high quality of care without the extra costs and hassle of monthly clinic visits.
What is healthtech?

In remote areas in Southeast Asia where access to healthcare is lacking, the growth of mobile usage can be described as exponential. This opens the door for the implementation of technology-enabled healthcare. By leveraging the power of technology – especially the internet – healthcare systems in Southeast Asia can meet growing demand and need for healthcare services.

Enter healthcare technology, or healthtech. Healthtech is a sector that encompasses digital products and services, designed to provide consumers faster, cheaper and more accessible care. These services are primarily delivered outside of a clinical setting.

Ongoing developments in the world of science and technology have huge potential for reducing the pressure on traditional healthcare practices, as well as revolutionising the healthcare system in the region in making it more responsive to consumer’s needs. 

Healthtech and teledentistry

One of the subsectors of healthtech is telehealthcare; technologies that enable the users to access support and assistance remotely. It allows the service provider to be more responsive to consumers’ needs and easier for healthcare professionals to deliver. 

Teledentistry is a component of telehealthcare. The objective is to improve access to dental care, to gather and exchange information with licensed dentists, and also to provide and support dental care delivery. Patients who have lack access to a dentist or live far from a dental office can be helped with this level of care.

At become, we aspire to not only make teeth straightening with invisible braces accessible to all, but also affordable. Teledentistry has made it possible for us to deliver high quality of care without the extra costs and hassle of monthly clinic visits. We cut out all the gimmicks and the costs of operating a clinic, in addition to eliminating the middlemen selling you the invisible braces with a direct to consumer model. How? We partner with high qualified dentists instead. Your teeth straightening process will still be prescribed by dentists, but become has fixed the price for you.

That way we manage to price our invisible braces 65% less than the price you’ll get from the incumbent brand. This only means young adults can consider using invisible braces instead of metal braces to straighten teeth, without breaking their wallets!

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