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Misaligned teeth, why it happens and what you can do about it!

Ever feel like you never really needed traditional braces or had them but your teeth are still misaligned? If this is you, this article gives some insight on why it happens and what to do about it!

Most people wish they had perfectly straight teeth. Sadly, only a few are. The majority of people have some form of overcrowding or misalignment, and most of them have visited their nearest dentists to improve the look of their smile. Malocclusion is a common theme that is present in both children and adults today. If you’re living in Japan, the story is slightly different, where “snaggletooth” or “yaeba” is actually found as cute and also attractive.

What causes malocclusion?


Misaligned positions can be found in both baby teeth and permanent teeth. Commonly found habits in kids such as sucking on a pacifier or their thumbs if prolonged can become one of the causes of teeth to be misaligned. 

However, misaligned positions of baby teeth don’t translate to permanent teeth misalignment. For kids, there are three things that could contribute to misaligned adult teeth: 

  1. Early loss of baby teeth – Normally, a child loses their first baby tooth around age 6. When a child loses their baby teeth too soon, before the permanent tooth is ready to erupt, it can cause the adjacent teeth to move or grow into the space left behind. This can cause alignment problem.
  2. Late loss of baby teeth – Some children are late bloomers and loses teeth quite late. This can cause permanent teeth to erupt behind baby teeth. A mouth that is trying to accommodate a lot of baby teeth and permanent teeth at the same time will get crowded.
  3. Childhood teeth trauma/accidents – Adult teeth misalignment can also be caused by facial injury during childhood. The successor teeth might be damaged, preventing them from erupting in the right place or in the right shape.


Misaligned Jaw

In proper alignment, upper teeth are supposed to fit slightly over lower teeth, where the tips of the upper molars fit into the grooves of lower molars. Common misalignments include overbite and underbite. If you have an overbite, your front teeth hang out ahead of your lower front teeth.

Crooked teeth may come off as not a serious dental deformity, but it’s certainly enough to get you picked on at school, and make you feel more self-conscious of your smile. If your teeth are crooked, you shouldn’t feel like you have to straighten them, depending on the severity. As seen in different parts of the world there are different perspectives on crooked teeth. 

However, if you’re unhappy with the way your teeth look, or if they’re causing health or speech issues here are some solutions to have them realigned. 

Why is it bad and what are the related issues?
  • Oral Hygiene – Misaligned teeth will create difficulty to thoroughly clean the food particles that are stuck between the teeth and potentially lead to decay and gum diseases. 
  • Lower Self-esteem – A crooked smile may lower self confidence and affect self-esteem making it socially awkward to wholeheartedly enjoy taking pictures and enjoying social activities. 
  • Pain – Crooked teeth can put extra pressure on your teeth, gums and jaw muscles that could lead to excessive and unnecessary stress resulting in jaw strain, headaches, cracked teeth and others. 

So what can I do about it?

Teeth straightening is the recommended solution, where it is able to correct dental issues and take a step towards healthier gums and teeth by realigning crooked teeth. 

The decision to straighten crooked teeth is a personal one, and some people are hesitant to do it because of different reasons such as: lack of cheaper and high-quality invisible braces or a place that’s trustworthy and great customer care. 

If you’ve decided that teeth straightening is for you, there are multiple types of braces that can help you achieve your goals. 

Metal braces 

Traditional braces are better suited to treat extreme overcrowding than other options available and for some, come with a high price tag with monthly visits to the clinic. The main disadvantage of traditional braces is metal mouth appearance. To be able to  secretly realign your teeth and still look visually appealing is something that will not be achieved with this option. 

Aside from that, you will also be limited to being able to eat food that could damage your braces such as chewy, very hard or crunchy food. And don’t forget about dentist appointments every month where at times it will be inconvenient. 

Invisible braces with become

At become, we understand that most adults actually want to fix their teeth, but prefer not to have a mouth full of metal at their age. Invisible braces are the perfect alternatives for people like them, so they don’t have to be self-conscious and refrain from showing their teeth when smiling. 

Teledentistry and the latest technologies have made it possible for become and our partner dentists to deliver the same quality of care you would receive in clinics without the extra costs and hassle of monthly clinic visits.

become invisible braces are 65% more affordable than the price of other invisible braces brands in Malaysia, and even cheaper than traditional metal braces!

With become, you’ll be in good hands. We aspire to provide excellent customer service where your comfort and well-being are of utmost priority.

If you are interested and ready to take the next step, don’t hesitate to take our smile assessment and be on your way to your new smile!

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