Your Guide to Better Oral Health

What Happens During Your Scan Appointment with Become

A 30-minute scan appointment that’s fast and convenient? That’s what makes our scan sessions different.

Take the first step to getting better oral health and a better smile at our becomeStudio™. Getting invisible braces is a pretty big deal, but it’s simpler than you might think. Here is what you should expect when visiting any becomeStudio™ that would help to make the whole process less intimidating.

Arrival at becomeStudio™

On your appointment day, the front desk staff will welcome your arrival and provide you a safe environment with our Covid-19 preventive measures in place. Feel free to ask any specific questions or raise any personal concerns that you may have about the upcoming scanning procedure. 

Dental Health and Data Privacy Notice Form

Your health and data privacy is our number one priority. Our lovely front desk staff will request that you fill up the declaration forms to safeguard your personal interests and well-being.

Teeth Assessment by the Dentist

Next, our highly qualified partner dentists will thoroughly explain the scanning procedure to ensure you are fully prepared. An oral hygiene assessment will be conducted to get a better visual of your current teeth and gum health. To ensure your teeth and gum are in optimal condition for teeth straightening, the dentist may suggest oral health treatments before proceeding with the scan or impression taking.

3D Intraoral Scan or Dental Impression Taking

If your teeth and gum are healthy, the dentist will proceed to the next step which is taking a scan or impressions of your teeth. The 3D scan leverages on our advanced 3D-scanning technology which captures an upper and lower digital scan of your mouth in a matter of minutes! Using specialised software, our team together with partner dentists will create accurate digital before-and-after models of your teeth and hasten the manufacturing of your invisible braces so that you can get closer to your ideal smile in just one visit.

Smile for the Camera

Rest assured, you’re in great hands with the team at any becomeStudio™. Give us a big smile and let our dentist or nurse take photographs of your teeth to help us design your personalised treatment plan and curate the perfect smile treatment.

What's Next?

In most cases, with your scans and photos completed, within 10 days our partner dentists in the lab will design your customised treatment plan and a simulation of your future smile. This treatment plan will be compared to your checkup report, to make sure that everything is good. In the case where the dentists find out that the treatment plan is going to be too risky, we won’t proceed with the treatment. This means that getting a scan doesn’t guarantee treatability, but of course these are the outliers. 

If everything is good, a Smile Care Expert will fully explain to you – through a scheduled phone call – how it works, and walk you through your smile transformation journey with whatever enquires you might have, at zero cost.  

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