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Your Invisible Braces Journey: Everything You Need To Know

From the pre-assessment and dental appointment to the post-treatment care, let's walk you through the #becomeJourney. Written by Chang Yi Khuan.

The #becomeJourney breakdown

  1. Pre-assessment with photo upload
  2. Booking confirmation
  3. Attend becomeStudio™ appointment
  4. Preview your new smile!
  5. Purchase your invisible braces
  6. The become box
  7. Undergoing treatment
  8. Retainers

Undergoing invisible braces treatment is complicated. Is it worth it? Which type should you go for? If become is one of your choices, you have landed on the correct page. Here, you will be brought along on the journey of a become customer, from pre-assessment, to consulting a dentist, to undergoing braces treatment from the comforts of your home. Not only will you learn and understand more about each step of our invisible braces treatment, but you will also find out how become makes it less complicated, as well as if become is a good fit for you.

  1. Pre-assessment

Most people do not have the perfect smile, and that is fine! Invisible braces do not judge, and they work tirelessly for you. However, the first step is always the hardest, right? Not with become! We have developed a system where you can have zero commitment up until the point where you can visualize your future smile. The inception of your become Journey starts with an online Smile Assessment

Here, become will carry out a pre-assessment of your dental condition, which will help us to evaluate if you are suitable for invisible braces treatment. You will also be required to submit photographs of your teeth for the first stage of treatability screening. You should receive the results within 1-2 working days after your photo submission date, and our Smile Care Expert will be in touch. This part of the become Journey is completely free, there are no charges for the pre-assessment.

  1. Booking an appointment

If you passed the pre-assessment, one of our Smile Care Experts will contact you to help you book an appointment with our partner dentist. Our experts will explain in detail what to expect from your become Journey, similar to what you are picking up from this article, except that it will be an interactive and active session. 

Then, one day before your scan appointment, you will receive a booking reminder email. Around this time, you will also receive a reminder phone call from our partner clinic, which is also the scan location that you have chosen. Your confirmation here will help the clinic to anticipate your arrival. 

In the event that you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please do so through the booking emails so that the dentist does not have to keep other appointments waiting. Another option is to either contact the clinic directly, or to inform the Smile Care Expert, then we will process your cancellation.

  1. Attend becomeStudio™ appointment

On the day of your appointment, be sure to arrive 15 minutes early as this gives time for the clinic to prioritize your slot. If there is a waiting time, you will receive a become brochure from the reception which explains what you need to know about your braces treatment. 

During your appointment, the dentist will assess your overall condition to determine if become is suitable for you. This includes, but is not limited to, your dental condition, oral health, and facial structure. At this point, you should consult the dentist on your dental status. This will provide a good base for discussion over the main concerns that you wish to address with invisible braces. The dentist will then go over the aims of treatment and answer any questions that you have. Before the appointment ends, photographs are taken as dental records, and the dentist will complete the scanning of your teeth if you are deemed to be suitable for our invisible braces. 

  1. Take a look at your new smile!

Next, you will be presented with your new and improved smile! This starts with your Smile Care Expert, who will arrange a TP (treatment plan) call with you within 5 working days after your scan appointment. Think of it as more of an interactive session, where the expert will present a 3D simulation of your teeth; before and after treatment. This simulation is carefully architectured by our orthodontic technicians with instructions from the dentist, hence every treatment plan is precisely customised to the designated individual. They are designed to meet your expectations, solve your specific issues, and beautify your smile. 

Your expert will also inform you if interproximal reduction (IPR) has been prescribed in your treatment plan. IPR is a painless procedure commonly performed in conjunction with all types of orthodontic treatments, including but not limited to metal braces and invisible braces. In some cases, it is needed to aid tooth movement, which is the cornerstone of orthodontic treatments.

A lot of time and energy has been invested into the creation of your personalised treatment plan, and yet zero payment has been required up until this point! Isn’t this amazing?

  1. Purchase your invisible braces

We want you to be happy with the way your future smile looks, so your Smile Care Expert will always be just a message away in case you need anything from them. Once you are satisfied with the treatment plan, you can choose from two methods of payment: a monthly instalment plan or SinglePay as low as RM5,450* as a one-off payment. Shipping fees are already included in these prices because we do not like hidden fees! The payment link can be found in the email previously sent by our expert during the TP call. Alternatively, you can contact your trusty Smile Care Expert for assistance regarding purchasing. 

  1. The become box

This is definitely the most exciting stage of the entire #becomeJourney! Each of the become boxes are personally packed by us, in tune with our theme of personalisation. We encourage you to take photos and videos of your unboxing experience to share with your family and friends, as this is a joyous event that marks the beginning of your smile transformation!

In the become box, you will find your entire series of invisible braces, a carrying case, a pair of chewies, and a manual booklet. 

  1. Undergoing treatment

If IPR is needed, the dentist and the Smile Care Expert would have given you a briefing before purchase. In that case, as soon as you have received the become box, you should book an appointment with the clinic directly to complete your IPR. Be sure to bring your invisible braces sets and chewie along with you as the dentist will need to check their fitting. 

However, if IPR is not needed, the above paragraph can be disregarded and you can proceed immediately to treatment. Open up the first set of invisible braces and fit them over your teeth. Use the chewie to bite down on the braces to help them adapt to the shape of your teeth. The braces should fit snugly. Remember to remove them when eating & drinking anything other than water, and to wear them for at least 22 hours per day. It is important that you clean them daily too.

Once the braces are well-fitted, take photos of them in the mouth and upload them to our treatment monitoring platform, becomeDiary. Your dentist will oversee these submissions remotely every month, so you can communicate any concerns to them here. Every two weeks, you will receive an email prompting you to proceed to the next set of braces, and subsequently to update your becomeDiary. 

become makes this step fuss-free by eliminating bi-weekly clinic visits, yet still optimising the standard of care. On that account, the need of time and cost for clinic check-ups are negated, unless deemed necessary. Nevertheless, if an urgent reply is requested, our Customer Care can be reached through direct messaging.

  1. Retainers

You have progressed to the last set of braces. Having said that, it is not quite done. Retention is an important last step of all orthodontic treatments and should not be overlooked. At this stage, a retainer is required to retain the teeth in their new position, as they tend to move back to where they were before. This is what dentists call ‘orthodontic relapse’. become offers a yearly retainer subscription plan at RM887* per year, whereby two sets of retainers will be delivered each year. If this plan is subscribed during your braces treatment, any damaged or lost braces will be replaced for free. On the other hand, we also offer a one-off retainer purchase option. 

There are many steps in the #becomeJourney, yet we pay attentive thought into making each of them as seamless as possible. become not only offers a smile transformation at an affordable price, but we pride ourselves on excellent care and service as well. On top of that, we also put our remote treatment monitoring in high regard as it offers something unique compared to other types of orthodontic treatment: convenience. We hope that our values echo yours, and we cannot wait for you to embark on your very own #becomeJourney.

*prices are accurate at time of publication. Please refer to our website for the latest pricing, offers and promotions.

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