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Getting a straighter smile shouldn’t be an issue during this isolation period. Order our Impression Kit to start your become journey from the safety of your home. 

Don’t worry, our customer care team is here for you 7 days a week to help with any concerns you might have regarding your dental impressions.

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We will refund your Impression Kit purchase if our orthodontists determine become isn’t for you. And if you do qualify, we will show you what your new smile looks like in 3D before you commit. 

What’s stopping you from taking the first step?

How does the Kit work?

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Fun Fact: 100% of our customers who watch this video get their impressions done right.

Our Impression Kit is specially designed for easy use at the comfort of your own home – and our Smile Companions are always available to guide you through the process.

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Your most frequent questions, answered.

An Impression Kit is a box containing everything you need to take impressions of your teeth from the comfort of your home. You need to send your impressions to us (shipping is on us!) for our orthodontists to create the right treatment plan for you. 

It’s important that you send your impressions back to us as soon as possible once you receive the kit as the material used to make your teeth impressions are made from high quality silicone polymers – which will need a fast return to reduce the risk of spoilage and loss of usability. Plus, the sooner you send them back, the sooner you get to start on your smile journey!

Don’t worry! We actually provide an extra set of putty in your Impression Kit. If you fail your first impression, send the photo of your impression to our customer service and ask for advice before using the next set. If you are not sure, just send them back to us. If our lab receives impressions that prevent them from making an accurate treatment plan, we will contact you to send another Impression Kit, or arrange for a free 3D scan. Most importantly, contact our customer service for advice.

We understand that remote invisible braces treatment isn’t right for everyone. That’s why we fully refund your Impression Kit if our orthodontists determine that our invisible braces aren’t a fit for you.

Your new smile is only a kit away.

Get started with our easy to use, fully refundable Impression Kit.
Free shipping nation-wide and the easiest way to begin your dream smile journey from the comfort of your home.

RM199 RM99

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