Full care and attention - without the hassle.

become helps you to achieve your dream smile without monthly appointments, but still with full dentist care and oversight. Sounds impossible? Here’s how we do it.

Meet your becomeDiary.

becomeDiary is a mobile-responsive web application that gives you a direct line to our Smile Companions and partner dentists.
This is how you keep us updated throughout your become journey, and how we keep a close eye on you to ensure everything is going according to plan.

Keep track of your treatment.

Get an instant overview of your current treatment progress, plus a handy countdown till your next braces switch.

See your smile change over time.

Catalogue your smile evolution in a photo timeline. Be blown away by the results you see week-on-week!

Tell us how it's going.

Send us important treatment updates every 2 weeks when it’s time to switch to your next set of invisible braces.

Get the best of both worlds.

The utmost care and attention throughout your treatment, minus the inconvenient and expensive monthly clinic visits.
Yes, it’s possible – with become invisible braces.

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