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“Can’t even see them, can you?”

Sophie is finally getting her snaggletooth fixed with become invisible braces. As she gets closer to the end of her journey, she shares with us about her progress and her newfound confidence.

“You’re gonna look hotter!”

Last year, Clement decided it was time for a transformation. Hear his story now halfway through his become journey.

“The best choice for myself.”

Mithra shied away from traditional braces in the past as it was difficult to fit frequent appointments into her busy lifestyle. With become, she is now able to straighten her teeth without the hassle and fuss.

“The process was so much simpler than I expected.”

Erin has adjusted easily to her invisible braces journey despite some initial soreness. What stood out to her was become‘s Smile Companion system which guided her through some hiccups in the beginning.

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